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Naamkaran 12 January 2017 Full HD Drama


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It is the tale of little Avni, an ill-conceived tyke, whose father Ashish and her mom Asha/Ayesha are not wedded but rather see themselves as a couple. Regardless of being unmarried, Asha applies sindoor on her brow to dodge social issues. Asha Ashish still have a living respectively relationship, which is obscure by whatever is left of the world and exceptionally Ashish’s family and his mother.However, Avni gets persistently prodded by others as a result of her dad’s nonattendance.

She profoundly wishes for her family to end up distinctly a “typical” one yet her dad remains away more often than not because of her grandma Dayawanti, who does not realize that her child has another family but rather later comes to think about his child and Ayesha’s relationship through email, on the grounds that Ashish is excessively terrified, making it impossible to advise this vis-à-vis. Dayavanti as of now gave her assertion to his god figure man, Hemant, that she will give her child’s hand for his girl Neela.

Neela likewise use to like Ashish furtively and later admitted it to him on telephone. Later by one means or another Dayawanti persuades Ashish to get connected with Neela as Hemant (bhai) is determined to have cerebrum tumor and she doesn’t venture back when she gives her tongue. Dayavanti likewise detests Muslims as in the previous couple of Muslims had assaulted their old house and blazed it. As Ayesha is Muslim she neglects to acknowledge her as her girl in law.


Episode: 106

Telecast Date: 12 January 2017


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